Southeast 82nd Avenue paving and sidewalk improvements

The portion of SE 82nd Avenue between Lindy Street and the Mount Scott Creek Bridge is an important transportation route that serves the Clackamas Regional Center, an area heavily used by commuters and shoppers. The roadway needs to be repaved and also lacks sidewalks and sidewalk ramps at several major intersections.

This Oregon Department of Transportation project includes three phases of construction.

  • Phase 1, paving between Southeast King Road and Mount Scott Bridge, was completed in summer 2015.
  • Phase 2, improvements to sidewalks and corner ramps between Southeast King Road and Southeast Sunnyside Boulevard, was completed in fall 2017.
  • Phase 3, improvements to roadway and sidewalks between Southeast Lindy Street and Southeast King Road, is anticipated spring – fall 2018.

Construction updates

Originally planned for this fall, ODOT has rescheduled Phase 3 work between Southeast Lindy Street and Southeast King Road because we did not receive acceptable bids to build the project. The new schedule anticipates starting work next spring and completing the project by the end of fall 2018.

ODOT will share more details about construction activities in early 2018. Our staff may contact you to learn the best way to reach you during construction.